Fitbit versus Up (vs. other fitness tracking gear)

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Feb 8, 2009
New York City
So I am looking to get a fitness tracking thingy to wear on my wrist. [Pet peeve crosstalk: I really dislike the word "wearable" as a noun].
I've got a few apps on my smartphone I was happy with at first, but tracking steps at the gym etc with a smartphone is problematic.
My sister and I are researching them for my parents so I'm getting background research done on them. Up and Fitbit are the ones that seem to be the most popular with the most options. From my friend I know Fuelband is garbage (and abandoned by Nike) and that the Samsung's newest one (Gear) isn't getting raves past its actual on-the-wrist design, so that sounds like a future version would be better. 
My main requirements are to count steps (I live in NYC) and estimate calories when I run or take boot camp/spin classes. Sleep tracking's optional (it sounds like many of them do this). It also sounds like at this point most will sync data to MyFitnessPal or similar exercise apps.
Anyone out there use one and have strong feelings one way or another?


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Apr 26, 2006
I have a Fitbit Flex and I am quite fond of it. I got it free as some hand me down swag from my sister. It does a reasonably good job monitoring walking steps and probably an even more accurate step count when running. 
It has somewhat aggravated a somewhat obsessive compulsive side of my approach to exercising. When I have not reached my step count I walk around my neighborhood at night until the gap closes. That is probably just me though. 
I have worn it playing basketball and lifting before. I think the weightlifting motions often count as steps and artificially increase your number. Basketball seemed reasonably accurate, but I had no way of knowing. Have no idea how it would deal with spin, not sure it would register it. 


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I am using the Fitbit One - I wanted the Force, but the recall took away that option. The One is a clip on, but it comes with a wristwrap for use while sleeping so you can monitor your sleep. I didn't get the Flex because it lacked an LED screen and didn't have an altimeter to track stairs/hills. The One is spot on for me when tracking walking steps, doesn't register cycling at all, and doesn't register weightlifting motions other than lunges.
I really like the One (and it has also made me obsessive about the stats), but my plan is to pass it on to the wife whenever the Force replacement comes along. Plus my teenage daughters complain that the clip on makes me look dorky.


Yukon Cornelius
Mar 19, 2004
Missoula, MT
Fitbit Flex here.  Very happy with it.  I'll second BigA's thoughts on the step counter when running as it is very accurate.  Great for tracking calories, water intake, silent alarms and it sync's with your phone all day long.  Great little tool to have.


Sep 20, 2005
Tamper, FL
I have the FitBit Flex. I like it but it does have some quirks.
1. Biggest issue for me is the battery life. I charge it at least twice a week. I try to charge it at work while I am sitting and doing nothing. That way I don't lose out on my tracking. It takes a while (3 hours or so) for the battery to charge. Maybe I got a bad battery?
2. Putting it into sleep mode by taping on it sometimes drives me nuts. Also, you can accidentally put it into sleep mode. Knocking on doors, swinging a hammer, etc will put it into sleep mode. I was working on a yard project once and drained the whole battery from vibrating in and out of sleep mode swinging a hammer.
Overall, it's a good tool. Works fairly well. As someone mentioned, it seems to track running better than walking. I run on a treadmill and was really surprised how accurately it tracked my steps. 


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Jul 17, 2005
I bought someone the Fitbit Flex for their birthday a few months back, and while they like it, their one annoyance is that when she is sitting on her exercise ball doing work, it tracks a lot of movements as steps.

I can't speak for other brands not having similar issues, though.


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Oct 19, 2007
I'm using the Up24, I like it a lot. Battery life is about a week, it automatically connects and uploads information to your phone when you turn bluetooth on and the fitness tracker is 90-95% accurate in terms of steps and distance run. It's also very comfortable on the arm, you don't need to remember to take it off and put it on. I shower with it and it's still running well which makes it even more comfortable to use.

The sleeptracker is also a nifty little tool that's easy to turn on and off, and again, the information automatically syncs to your phone as long as you have bluetooth turned on. Even if you don't, if you turn it on for ten minutes, it'll sync the things that it hasn't synced yet.