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Jul 16, 2005
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The Superleague idea seems so bad that I can’t imagine it has ever been anything more than leverage. My biggest criticism of all three articles is that they seem willfully ignorant of how business is done. These are all incredibly big corporations with serious revenue streams. Lawyers, settlements, exploratory discussions, etc are all part of their world. Feels like a lot is made out of what I’d mostly suspect is happening.

I have no particular love for Infantino but that last one is an absolute hit job. Maybe it’s true, I couldn’t know, but someone sure wants to get at him.

In regards to City, I felt that article left out a key detail: UEFA changed the FFP rules after City submitted accounts, essentially guaranteeing failure which was reported to have made City super mad at the time, hence the legal posturing. I think City would have had a very good chance of winning, UEFA taking a settlement probably protected FFP from a costly and potentially disastrous legal challenge. Outside of that, almost all of this was reported at the time so I’m surprised at how much they’re making out of this. That City and PSG were negotiating with UEFA was a constant talking point in that time period.

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Dec 15, 2002
P.S.G. Confirms It Used Racial Profiling in Recruiting Players

The French soccer powerhouse Paris St.-Germain acknowledged Thursday that for the past five years some of its youth coaches had used racial profiling in the recruitment of young players, hours after a news media report that it was part of an effort to limit the number of black players signed by the club.
On Thursday, Mediapart published scouting reports it said were used by P.S.G. recruiters from 2013 until earlier this year to evaluate young players; along with evaluating a player’s physical and technical skills, scouts were asked to check a box noting each player’s “origin.”