Gm 3 - CBJ 4/30


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Mar 13, 2006
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That’s a fucking embarrassing miss by the refs. It’s a goal on the initial shot.


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Jul 18, 2005
Huh. So instead of trying to make 5 passes below the dots you take the puck to the net and you get a bounce and a goal? Fascinating What a novel idea.
This. I have been saying this all series, get pucks to the net. Torts team's play strong defensively, they have Bob, the #2 PK unit and are a heavy team.

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Jul 13, 2002
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Shift before that he was curling in from the right circle had a clear shot an d inexplicably tried a drop pass to a covered Krejci. Bizarre. I don’t know if Bob’s just in their heads or something but hopefully scoring one gets them to get back to just putting pucks on net.
Another pass to no one


Dec 10, 2007
Pastarnak’s not really an NHL player right now. He can’t move.
I’m ready to scratch him. That was a controller disconnected shift and he literally didn’t do anything out there except fall down and glide around.


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Dec 12, 2004
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Pastarnak’s not really an NHL player right now. He can’t move.
Agreed. It's clear he's hurt, but you've gotta stack the top 6 with Heinen and Coyle as the RWs at this point - he's taking away from the play every time he touches the puck