Home Run Derby/All Star Game thread

Ale Xander

killed off Vin Scully
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Oct 31, 2013
This thing is taking too long.

They need to go to top 3 in the quarters and straight into finals like NBA 3pt.


Ronald Bartel
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Jul 19, 2005
Who thought it was a good idea to put an asterisk next to the team logos on the hats?


late Bloomer
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Dec 7, 2008
He have 20 or 19?
ESPN had no clue, that ending was such a shitshow, they were talking for so long about how he'd already won as the graphic still showed him tied as he kept hitting fly balls that were landing short.


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Oct 29, 2004
Thank God. Jeter was on my tv.
Babe Ruth
Lou Gherig
Whitey Ford
Joe Dimaggio
Mickey Mantle
Mariano Rivera

Yet Jeter is the greatest (or one of the greatest) Yankees?

I hate te Yankees with a passion. But they have produced an incredible array of the greatest players.

And I hate Jeter, especially because if the way they constantly deify him.