I'm not a fan of Jose Perrazza.

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Aug 7, 2020
Roenicke fell too in love with the 3 hits he had on opening day. He's in the line up more than he should be. If you are are a utility guy, you should do all the little things, but he has made 3 costly errors and 3 terrible baserunning blunders. But my real problem is who he has taken at bats from. Michael Chavis and Alex Verdugo are still developing players who need at bats every day. Andrew Benintendi in a different way needs to be out there every day.


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Jun 25, 2008
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One 'r' and one 'z' is all you really need.

Also, Peraza is a utility IF, he isn't taking any ABs from Verdugo, who plays in the outfield. I'm not going to defend Peraza, who hasn't looked great, but at least spell the guy's name right, and don't accuse him of things he hasn't even done.
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