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I don't think they'd start the arb contract running on Duran if they viewed him as a core player going forward. Better to let him work on his game at the alternate site and then bring him up next season when it’s more advantageous. Given his age I doubt they have any interest in Duran beyond his cheap years.
You think being hungry like the wolf for Duran now would cause the Red Sox' plans to come undone?

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Sep 29, 2000
Any chance Verdugo could handle CF? I noticed that the Sox tried him there for one game last week.

Looks like he played 61 games in CF for the Dodgers last season with a 1.000 fielding percentage. Something tells me he could handle it.


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Nov 17, 2006
Yes, thank you--that was lots of fun. Mookie and CC talking together were wonderfully unguarded and we got no Bull Durham interview clichés (in that clip). Ruocco also smartly gets out of the way when good things are happening, an essential interviewer skill.

It was probably also the particular (hilarious) subject matter, of course, but I'd love to see more 2+ subject interviews generally with the host/interviewer more of a facilitator. Logistics are obviously harder, but the product may be better. And the Age of Zoom has increased the palatability of three heads in boxes on the screen. I don't see much TV so maybe it's more common than I assume. Anyway, thanks for that.