Jeter HGH ?

Tyrone Biggums

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Aug 15, 2006
If true then nothing is going to come of it. The NFL and BSPN is doing its absolute best to sweep this under the rug because of Manning. I personally think every athlete over 35 probably uses something. But Manning has been the face of the NFL for a long time. The family is treated like royalty. No chance anything happens.

Sampo Gida

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Aug 7, 2010
This has a sniff of Biogenesis. However, instead of the Miami Times we have Al Jazeera breaking the news, instead of a bunch of players born south of the border and a villain everyone hates in Arod, we have icons like Manning and Jeter (Indirectly), and has beens like Howard and Zimmerman. Elementz and Biogenesis were both based in Florida also, must be easier to get the stuff they need (still have to give Elementz the benefit of the doubt I guess). People were more inclined to believe the early Biogenesis reports for some reason.

The closing of Elementz after the AJ story broke is very suspicious. If the company was legit then why close? They must know the Fed will be closing in soon. As an aside the US has asked the courts to reduce Bosch sentence. Message being cooperation pays. These guys will squeal, if there is anything to it, and if so, more names will come out .

So far most of the baseball blogs have ignored the NYT story

The original Al Jazeera report had some interesting stuff. A former MLB investigator of Biogenesis coming out and estimating more than 20% of MLB players are using PED's at any given time. The use of peptides which elevate a players own natural hormones and is cleared from the system in hours making it impossible to detect. Biopassport testing could be a weapon, but only if the testing began before the player started using peptides. Right now I believe it can only be used to increase testing on players whose profile changes.