Jon Lester - what is he thinking


Jul 15, 2005
San Francisco, CA
Posting this in Red Sox forum, since it is referring to a time when Lester/Ross were in Boston...

Interesting article here on what Jon Lester is thinking on the mound. I was curious when this would be, and always interested in if memories are correct. I suspect it was 9/3/2013.

Mostly matches up to the top of the 5th inning, though there were a couple singles instead of a couple walks after Middlebrooks' error...

(and Middlebrooks atoned in the bottom of the inning with a 2 run single)


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May 6, 2016
Those are great highlights. Eck after Koji save, "He's the Kimbrel of the American league" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!