Kid “DJ” setup


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Jul 17, 2005
Here’s what my 10 year old son is looking for.

wants to pretend DJ or DJ at family parties. To him this would be:

control a playlist via Spotify on his computer
Have a headset mic that he can talk into to do some hype / introduce a song (and toggle on / off). He likes the idea of a headset mic

some sort of speaker that plays both the music and his mic when toggled on.

I don’t wish to break the bank here but would like to make it happen.

his computer is a chrome book, usb a input, 3.5mm output, and usb c power (may work as input/ output also, not sure.


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Jul 12, 2008
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Do you have smart speakers? My first thought is that you could use the Intercom function of a smart speaker (HomePod or Alexa) to record the hype messages on a speaker in his room or the kitchen, and broadcast the messages and/or music to a different speaker in the house.


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Mar 18, 2004
Just thinking of a similar situation my son and I produce once a year. We do walk up music, introduce the batters, and play music between innings. We hook the laptop up to a mixing board (something like this View:
) and it outputs to a set of PA typle speakers. We have a mic hardwired into one of the inputs on the board, but I'm guessing you could use a wireless headset mic with some sort adapter.