Kobe Killed in Helicopter Crash


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Wrongful death lawsuit filed today. I kind of agree with the article that it is a little unusual that she wouldn't at least wait until the FAA completes it's investigation.
And also suing Kobe’s hand picked, long time pilot.
Pretty poor taste.
I'll never understand why the natural process in an accidental death always has to involve a lawsuit. The money won't bring them back and it's not like the Bryants are hurting for capital. No need to piss in the face of the family of the guy who died that doesn't have billions coming in from jersey sales, endorsements, and the like.
If Vanessa Bryant sued three months from now, it would be front-page news. Filing on the day of the memorial limits the press coverage. The window to file claims against the pilot’s estate may close before the NTSB issues its final report, so waiting for that really wasn’t an option.

I only read the ESPN article, but the complaint sounds like it’s fairly pro forma. I doubt it reveals anything about Vanessa Bryant’s intentions. Perhaps she will aggressively pursue everyone she thinks is responsible for the deaths of her husband and daughter, but this could also just be a mechanism to get all the insurance companies engaged.

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Sep 10, 2017
Perhaps she will aggressively pursue everyone she thinks is responsible for the deaths of her husband and daughter, but this could also just be a mechanism to get all the insurance companies engaged.
Bingo: being a non-driver injured in a serious car accident that racked up quite a medical expense, the insurance companies delay, delay, delay. By the time the insurance company determines how much you are "entitled" to, it is too late for outside pressure to change their assessment. An attorney is really the only form of advocacy in this case, and the other party/parties need a lawsuit brought against them in order for the insurance company to take action and negotiate a fair settlement.

I can also see Kobe's insurance company considering this a risky act and contesting they are not subject to paying out the full policy to his family, and therefore Vanessa has to demonstrate through the filings that no, Kobe did not put a gun to the pilot's head. To fly was the pilot's decision alone, and a mix of poor judgment by him, substandard helicopter instruments, and an "act of god" caused the accident...not a brazenly unsafe decision by Kobe himself.

I wouldn't be surprised if this has more to do with Kobe's family being potentially denied damages from their insurance companies than any action directly against others. However a side effect may be that the helicopter maker is the deepest pocket and therefore the Bryants and the other families affected can also get a judgment from them. It just seems counter-intuitive that the whole event yesterday was plastered with promotions to donate to the fund for the non-Bryant families affected by the tragedy, then Vanessa turns around and crushes the pilot's family.


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Nov 3, 2007
I think you are projecting your distaste for the deceased onto the widow (who also lost her not selling many sneakers daughter) and I don't think that is entirely appropriate.
Seriously. The idea this was done to make people stop thinking of him as a rapist is quite laughable, especially in light of the fact that what seems like 99% of the reflections on Kobe seem to be filled with genuine admiration and affection for the competitor he was and the father he became with just few passing references to the rape allegation.

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The NTSB has released the accident report and has concluded the crash was likely caused by spatial disorientation.
The National Transportation Safety Board determined the cause of the Jan. 26, 2020, crash was Ara Zobayan’s decision to fly under visual flight rules in cloudy conditions, which resulted in his spatial disorientation and loss of control of the aircraft. The board added that Zobayan’s “likely” self-induced pressure to get Bryant to his destination and inadequate review of safety management procedures by helicopter operator Island Express contributed to the crash.