Looking into the Crystal Football: PL Season Predictions 22-23

Morgan's Magic Snowplow

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Jul 2, 2006
Yes, the transfer window is still open but its time to get your predictions in anyway.

Golden boot - Erling Haaland
POTY - Harry Kane
YPOTY - Bukayo Saka
Manager of the Year - Patrick Vieira

Established juggernauts

1. Liverpool - Can the 30+ spine stay healthy over a long grueling season? If so, I like them to nip a City team that will need some time to figure things out.
2. Manchester City - Threepeating is really really hard and while I love their summer business overall they will need some time to adjust to Haaland and other player turnover (especially if B. Silva leaves).

Top four challengers - Probably playing for 3rd and 4th but if both juggernauts falter and one of these teams really clicks its not out of the question that they could challenge.

3. Spurs - Conte seemingly has what he wants. I doubt they create enough chances, especially against sides that defend deep, to hang with City/Liverpool. But I think they're well positioned for top four and cups.
4. Arsenal - Arteta will have a nearly complete team that can play his football for the first time and right now they look very cohesive. If Partey gets suspended, I would have them lower.
5. Chelsea - I wouldn't be surprised if they finished 3rd or even higher in the right circumstances. But the summer hasn't really gone to plan, Tuchel seems a bit pissed off, and I could see things going sideways as well.
6. Manchester United - Ten Hag seems like a great hire but he'll need time to remake the squad to play his tactics. Their summer business has been disappointing so far.

Conference League dreams

7. West Ham - The squad is aging and I wonder about their ability to handle another long, packed season with European football.
8. Crystal Palace - Love what Paddy is doing at the club. Losing Gallagher hurts but they should get more out of young players like Eze and Olise.
9. Newcastle - Continuing the slow climb up the table. I'm assuming that some of their meaningful summer business hasn't yet occurred.
10. Aston Villa - Good squad that has been expensively put together, crap manager

Comfortably Midtable

11. Wolves - Meh
12. Brighton - Potter is great but losing Bissouma and Cucurella will hurt.
13. Leicester - Conditions at the club seem pretty bad right now, with the Rodgers project running out of steam and a lot of big players wanting out.

Relegation Battle

14. Fulham - Best of the promoted sides by far.
15. Southhampton - One of these years they're going to be in real danger of relegation.
16. Brentford - How long can the magic and analytics last?
17. Everton - They manage to stay up again but Fat Frank loses his job along the way.
18. Leeds - Side that narrowly avoided relegation sells their best two players.
19. Nottingham Forest - Having them back in the PL is a great story. Not sure a second season gets greenlit.
20. Bournemouth - They don't even seem to be trying to put together a team that could stay up.


Sunny von Bulow
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Jan 10, 2004
The 718
Golden boot - Son
POTY -Salah
YPOTY - Saka
Manager of the Year - Howe

1.Liverpool - have managed to reload enough to supplement their core. The guys in the engine room are showing their age, their back four doesn't have the depth you'd want. They concede more than Pool squads have recently but they score bucketfuls of goals.
2. City - fall just short. Haaland is the best player but doesn't make the team better - they were the best in England without a striker and they never quite figure out how to fit these guys together.
3. Arsenal. Unlike City, Arsenal meshes, and unlike City, they're young and hungry. Probably need to get even better in back and add a depth piece or two to contend for the title. Jesus is worth a dozen divisions in Poland.
4. Spurs. Going to be a dogfight with Arsenal and I love it. I could go either way on these two.

5. Newcastle. I have to have some fun. When healthy, a team with Wilson, ASM, and Trippier is formidable, their attacking energy is off the charts. More money will be spent. Plus I have an irrational love of Jonjo Shelvey.

6. ManU. A year and some acquisitions away.
7. Palace. Ascendant. If they can keep some of these kids around they can build something. A budget version of Arsenal from two years ago.
8. Chelsea. Wheels fall off. Eight attacking players in search of a plan. A bazillion midfielders seems to work for City, but Teuchel has given up his trademark defensive solidity without instilling a consistent attack. Sterling has a good year but too many 3-2 losses and 4-4 draws drive Teuchel out of town.
9. West Ham. Able to compete but not quite enough here to push higher.
10. Leicester. KDH, Barnes, and Maddison are great, but Ndidi's a year older, that back four is sus, and Vardy falls off a cliff finally.

11. Wolves. Meh.
12. Everton. Frank gets it to work with a back 3/5. Mykolenko and Patterson are breakout stars and the Toffees' fullback combo for the next decade. Still not enough stopping power after Mina gets hurt again, but a solid base for growth.
13. Villa. Old. Expensive.
14. Brentford. Some good players here that no one talks about, like Raya, Wissa, Janssen. No stars, but solid enough 1 through 11 under Frank and with a few years playing together.
15. Fulham. I like Marco Silva and was scared that we were going to pass him on the escalator. Mitrovic, the classic AAAA player, too good for the Championship, historically not that good in the PL, silences his critics.
16. Leeds. Young Americans do just enough to keep them out of serious danger.
17. Forest. Keeping them up out of sentimentality.

18. Brighton. Not good enough at any one thing to survive. Mostly here because I forgot to include them in my 11-17 which tells you something.
19. Southampton. In January, Liverpool throws money at their version of the Kansas City A's to grab Ward-Prowse for the stretch run. Ralph can't get them to 40 points again.
20. Bournemouth. May be the worst side in the PL in recent memory.


Jul 20, 2005
I think Liverpool and City drop a notch this year. The five subs will help Liverpool but I see too many key guys slowing down this year. Unless some of the young midfielders step up it will be a much tougher campaign. City will need to work out the kinks but they added the right parts.

I think Villa will push into that Leicester/west ham position. I like their mix of players.

I think Everton and Brentford are two teams that escaped last year but didn’t get better As they each lost a key player.


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Dec 1, 2000
I’m going to hold off a bit because it seems like many of the bottom half clubs still have a lot of transfer irons in the fire. Except Bournemouth. Good god. They’re just here for the parachute, eh?


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Mar 31, 2013
Golden Boot - Haaland
YPOY - Saka
Manager of the Year - Antonio Conte

1. Manchester City - They are really good, guys
2. Tottenham - Mostly picking them because I'm optimistic and I don't want to just pick City/Liverpool again.
3. Liverpool - Falter just enough to fall to third.
4. Chelsea - Team feels like it's a bit of a mess at CB and forward, but still a lot of talent especially in midfield and at fullback.
5. Arsenal - A lot of exciting young players but also some major questions at CB.
6. Manchester United - Already feels like it could be a disaster and they didn't address a ton of their issues in the transfer window. Seems like they are banking on Hag just fixing some of the guys have faltered in recent years.
7. Newcastle - Low-key played brilliantly under Howe last season and have the funds to continue to make improvements.
8. West Ham - Some aging players at certain positions, but still a robust team that can play with anyone.
9. Brighton - Cautiously optimistic, it will depend on Cucurella and if he sticks around this year. They underperformed their xG last year and a little sharper finishing could go a long way.
10. Wolves - Very average, very boring. They have some good Portuguese players.
11. Aston Villa - Seems to have acquainted themselves nicely to the EPL and Gerrard has shown promise as a manger.
12. Crystal Palace - Still seem like there is something more to happen for them in the transfer window. A lot depends on how they replace Conor Gallagher in midfield. Eze being healthy would be good.
13. Leicester - There just doesn't seem to be a lot here for them to push forward. They have some above average players which keeps their heads above water, but I can't seem them threatening for Europe.
14. Everton - I still think they kind of stink but c'mon, they can't get relegated again, right?
15. Brentford- Smart team that did really well in Year 1. Will they be a team like Sheffield United and suddenly sink to the bottom? I think they are tough enough to scrape enough points together.
16. Southampton - I will believe they will be relegated when it actually happens.
17. Fulham - Dominant team in the Championship, experienced manager, kept Harry Wilson. They are almost like the anti-Southampton in that I will believe they are staying up when they actually manage to do it.
18. Leeds - Sorry Team America.
19. Nottingham Forest - Interesting team; a lot of turnover from last year when they had a lot of players on loan. They did sign some guys are going to make a sincere go of it. Brennan Johnson might have an incredible season and be sold for a fortune at the end of it.
20. Bournemouth - Reminds me of Hull City from a few years ago who made it up and then immediately capitulated.


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Dec 1, 2000
Golden Boot - Salah. Not going to Qatar is going to be a huge advantage, though def a personal disappointment for many.

Golden Gloves - Lloris

POTY - Salah

YPOTY - Haaland. Had to check the rules. He qualifies by 3 weeks.

1. Liverpool - Klopp prioritizes the league this season
2. City - Pep makes the UCL his top goal. I tinker Haaland starts slow, Pep’s system is complex. But getting to spend the WC break at the club means he’ll explode in the second half of the season.
3. Spurs - Conte magic on defense, but Kane & Son are going to need plenty of rotation to survive. Can they get enough scoring from the rest of the squad?
4. Arsenal - i think they finish a good ways back of Spurs and securing 4th goes down to the last match, but I’m a believer.
5. Chelsea - i feel for the players & staff who have been thrown into disarray because of Russia’s invasion. There’s so much talent on tap, but doesn’t all seem to fit together or with Tuechel’s needs.
6. ManU - it’s going to take ETH some time. Hope he gets it.
7. West Ham - they’re doing good business, but adding Onana would be a boon
8. Villa - have done really good business and we’ll get to see Stevie G’s plan implemented in full.
9. Brighton - Potter does his finest work and then leaves for Chelsea in the summer. Also, Lamptey is one of my favorites to watch.
10. Newcastle - I’m not such a huge Howe fan. They are building a strong foundation, but don’t think Eddie is going to see them through to Europe.
11. Leicester - this is a compromise. If they can keep Tielmans. Fofana, & Maddison they’ll challenged for Europe. Lose all three so late in the window and it could be really rough.
12. Brentford - they know what they’re doing.
13. Palace - still a lot of youth. Have to learn how to finish out matches.
14. Everton - was higher until the DCL injury, still really need those midfield transfers to come through.
15. Wolves - a shark that has stopped swimming
16. Leeds - the real life Ted Lasso stays up comfortably.
17. Fulham - return of Jedi
18. Southampton - I think Ralph has worn them out
19. Forest - 13 new players and counting. Maybe the WC break will be extra practice time they need to gel
20. Bournemouth - might be the worst EPL club in many years

Mighty Joe Young

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Sep 14, 2002
Halifax, Nova Scotia , Canada
Golden Boot - Salah. Missing Qatar will be a huge boost

Golden Gloves - Allison

POTY - Salah

YPOTY - Saka

1. Liverpool - heart over head - 95 points easily wins the league - Nunez pots 20 - Liverpool score a gazillion goals
2. City - Pep screws around too much before the world cup break. Haaland takes a couple of months to settle and then terrorizes the league but its too late.


3. Spurs - Conte - say no more

another gap - next three tossup

4a. Arsenal - could be really good, could fall apart - depending on you know who's legal problems (not to mention a fan backlash - only if he sucks)
4b. Chelsea -too many ill advised incomings , even more ill advised outgoings - still top four talent . terrified at the Michael Edwards rumours
4c: West Ham - excellent window

gap - mid table scramble

7. ManU - Conference league dreams - god what a mess. How the mighty have fallen. Mind you, if Ronaldo gets his wish (god knows where) TH would be better off. If he leaves they could challenge for Top 4
8. Newcastle -big Eddie Howe fan. Surprised they haven't started spending those sweet saudi riyals (of course Madison could be arriving). I'm really torn about this team. I have historically really likes Newcastle - dating back to the Keegan years - but I cant bring myself to cheer for them now for obvious reasons.
9. Brighton
10. Palace
11 Villa
12 Wolves

gap - from here down anyone could face the drop. I think its been awhile since so many teams are in jeopardy

13. Everton
14. Brentford
15. Southampton
16 Fulham - who knows - could be this year's Brentford. Is Mitrovic a AAAA striker or the real thing? (my fantasy team hopes for the the latter)
17. Leeds
18. Leicester - disaster at the King Power - FFP restriction cause havoc - both Tielemans and Madison are sold as they won't re-up. Rogers quits just before the WC break, claiming lack of board room support (before he can be sacked)
19. Forest - classic mistake of promoted teams - too many incomings. Awoniyi should be fun though
20. Bournemouth - relegated by February.