March College Hoops Thread


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Jul 15, 2005
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Sox and Rocks said:
CSU has the highest rpi ever for a team not making the tournament since the expansion
They also played 17 of 33 games against teams not in the top 150, going 17-0 in those games. So they only went 10-6 against "real" competition. I'm no UCLA defender but UCLA played 25 games against top 150 and went 12-13 in those games. UCLA shouldn't be a tourney team either, really. The bubble really sucked this year.
Edit: Murray State is another good example of how shitty the bubble was. Everyone wanted them in since they went 27-5. 23 of those wins came vs. sub 150, and they even lost 2 games to sub 150


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May 31, 2005
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Guys (and Gals) a friend is involved with the folks who created the Real Time Brackets hoops tourney game.  The claim to fame is you can change your pick during the game at different intervals thereby earning some points for a blown pick and stay in the running.  There's a formula behind it all, but in general the earlier you switched out of a pick the more points you'd keep, so there is some strategy involved.  They're planning other tournament type games, but this is their first roll-out.  I've posted a link to the game at SB Nation if anybody's interested, but you can also join up at the Sporting News and some other sites too.


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Aug 1, 2006
DrewDawg said:
Speaking of semi-home games, Gottlieb said on the broadcast last night that Arizona gets two "almost home games" in Portland.
Portland, OR.
Hey it's only 1400 miles. Harvard in Jacksonville is closer. Gottleib is a tool.