March NHL News


Jul 19, 2005
Nashua NH
I am so jealous of Foster! I played a somewhat decent goalie in high school, then went to BC in '76, with no intent of furthering my play. A relative threatened me with bodily harm if I at least didn't try-out. So I do tryout... and am 1 of only 4 goalies in tryouts - for 4 openings! My luck! Spent 3 years playing JV regularly there, but did get a few call-ups. Closed out the last 5 mins in a 3-0 loss to ULowell (and Craig MacTavish), then about 10mins at Army.... Most exciting part was dressing as backup for 2 Beanpot games in the old Gahden... didn't play, but just warming up where Cheevers had tended was a thrill and a half...