Phillies vs. Padres NLCS Thread


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Nov 15, 2006
With the pitch clock, will removing mud from cleats count against it?
It will be umpires judgement. The players still have the ability to call timeout occasionally if they need it (i.e. dirt in the eye or something), but it is up to the umpire to prevent players from overusing it. It will take a bit of adjustment for the players, but I think most of the kinks will be worked out in spring training. It worked really well in AA this year.

Average Reds

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Sep 24, 2007
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Close enough. This is going to be an absolute nail-biter of an inning.

Either that or someone will whack a hit right now and get this over with quickly.
Looks like they’ll get away with it, but I was astonished the Padres left him in to toss eight consecutive frisbee spinners up there.