RFP Trades

Should we be allowed to trade players and picks?

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Scoops Bolling

SoSH Member
Jun 19, 2007
Close the thread, revisit it after the draft and other roster machinations are done. This is not the time.

Morgan's Magic Snowplow

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Jul 2, 2006
I'm against changing the rules that we agreed upon until after the draft.  At that point, I'm fine with whatever.
I think discussing rule changes extensively, getting a lot of people invested and involved in those decisions, and then having real league-wide votes is important.  That's a process that is best accomplished over a substantial period of time.  If we try to cram it in right now, it'll just be 7-8 people driving the conversation and much of the league not yet tuned back in.  That's a recipe for pissing people off and having them lose interest even further.


wild card bitches
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Jan 1, 2009
Carmine's closet
Well we didn't vote on trades did we? Maybe it's something 25 or more people would really like to do and I don't see why someone would vote against it. More freedom, control, and strategy, but most of all fun.
If it's just work you don't want to do, I can do it for you.
EDIT: We need people tuned in now anyway.