Steve Nash -- The Finish Line

Tony C

Apr 13, 2000
Steve Nash is letting happen (and I think overseeing at some level, he's sort of a wannabe film-maker working with his cousin if i understand correctly. I guess part of the reason he wanted to finish his career in L.A.) a documentary about his final push to be part of the NBA. Nash has always been a rare type -- looks like one of us, talks like one of us, yet is a great athlete (not like us). He also has that modest Canadian way of expressing himself, which is quite endearing.

It occurs to me watching the two mini-episodes that are already up that one of the fascinations of sports is that we see our own life compressed -- I'm depressed at turning 50 and thinking I only have 15 or so years left of my career to make an impact. When we watch athletes it's not just the ways in which games and seasons mimic the struggle of life, but that careers mimic our own lives but in an incredibly condensed manner. Someone like Nash is depressed about his career ending at 40ish (and he's one of the few that will go on to do interesting things after he retires from sport), which I find intense.

Anyway, worth watching:
episode 1: ... episode-1/

episode 2: ... provision/

not sure how many episodes there will be total.


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Jun 19, 2002
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Real good stuff.  It may have been done before but I can't remember a similar series documenting the end of an athlete's career.  It's almost something that noone wants to talk about.  Imagine Bird or Walton talking about this stuff at the end.  Would have been sad and very interesting at the same time