Super Bowl LV: Game Thread – Kansas City Chiefs @ Tompa Bay Bucs

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Aug 31, 2019
Anyone that watches this whole game and says, on balance, the refs handed Tampa the win are really not thinking straight. This has been a brutal ass kicking from the jump. Tampa defense looks all world right now against a typically amazing offense.
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Apr 17, 2003
Not sure there’s actually a penalty there. It’s really hard hit, but what’s the violation

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Nov 17, 2010
Riding the Tom Brady train. Heres some irrational thoughts:

  • I have said since the day he signed with Tampa I'd root for him. I found myself rooting against him during the season, and I was mad at myself. Once the playoffs started, I was full steam ahead for Brady again. Dont know why, but the heart wants what it wants.

  • I really like Mahomes. I like his leadership and the way he carries himself. I hate that he's now the heir apparent to Brady. I rooted against Rodgers because he was supposed to be the next best thing (and then he turned out to be a dick, so that worked out). I do the same now with Mahomes.

  • Tyreek Hill can die in a fire.

  • Travis Kelce is an obnoxious asshole. Gronk was funny because it was off cuff. He acted like a goofball because he is a goofball. Kelce's whole routine just feels scripted. Hes trying to be Gronk, but he's a poseur asshole. And he can't block. Fuck off, tight ends that can't block.

  • I understand the irony of the following statement as a Patriots fan: I can't stand the bullshit "trick" plays. The underhand pitches to Kelce at the goal line. The WR handoffs out of motion. They're smart plays. I get it. I just fucking hate them. Especially at the goal line, because they're always going to work. Get that shit out of here. (Note: I understand I sound like Jim Harbaugh. Fuck off and leave me alone. Don't cover an ineligible receiver. Excuse me while I go masturbate to Kevin Faulk direct snaps and WR's throwing touchdowns on loop.)

  • The Andy Reid sploogefest. Media love him, and because hes a fat, round, dope, even fans just give him a pass with his "Aw shucks, I'm the koolaid man!" schtick. I bet hes an angry, fat asshole.

  • Tyrann Mathieu. I rooted for him when he was drafted because he was a little, scrappy, overachiever. Now that hes established, I'd like for him to chill out and shut the fuck up. His tough guy schtick has worn on me. You're like 5'2. Shutup and ballhawk. You're not scaring anyone.

  • Chiefs fans. All these fan bases that think they're the bestest, hardcorest, biggest uber fans in the world. Chiefs fans, Eagles fans, the "12th man", "The Dog Pound", "The Black Hole", "Bills Mafia"...all of you can fuck off. Be loud, enjoy the game, try to fuck with the opposing team. But you're not amazing fans because you're loud. You're loud because your stadiums acoustics make you loud. You think the 9k fans at the Bills game last week were louder than the 71k fans that fill capacity, or do you think the echo's off the empty stadium made it louder? That goes double for any racist asshole that tomahawk chops their way through the game. I hope you tomahawk chop the dude in front of you in the head and start a big hillbilly brawl. Shutup.

  • Sammy Watkins. Underachieving loser. If he wasn't catching balls from Mahomes - you know, when he doesn't disappear for the majority of each game - he'd be out of the league. The one time a season he explodes for a 200 yard receiving game doesn't make everyone think he's good. It makes everyone realize how good he could be if he wasn't such a fucking loser.

  • Le'veon Bell. The fact that I almost forgot he was on the roster says enough about him. His best skill is his "vision". For most running backs, that means finding good running lanes. For him, it meant sitting behind linemen and hiding long enough to squirt through a hole for 6 yards. Dude capitalized on hiding as a running back and catching screens. Turned it into a monster the only team dumb enough in the league to not understand he sucks.

TLDR - Tom Brady's still a god, a win for him doesn't diminish (and probably enhances) anything he did for New England or with Belichick, and the Chiefs can go fuck themselves.


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Sep 15, 2007
McNabb had more urgency. Who was the coach then can't remember