The First Annual How Good Is Miguel Andujar? Thread


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Jul 14, 2005
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Yeah, I am bringing back the old Cano thread title for another free swinging Dominican Yankee infielder. And in several ways he reminds me of Robbie Cano.

He was never really a universal top end prospect, but showed the ability to hit for average in the minors. He has shown some pop with eight HRs in 211 ABs, but in addition to that he is also fourth in the MAJORS in doubles. Every time you look up it feels like he is hitting a shot into the gap and standing on 2nd base. He also has his head in the clouds on defense sometimes.

The other thing that reminds me of Cano is that there is another young stud third base prospect up in Beantown in Rafael Devers, that he is going to be compared to in this rivalry (like Cano and Pedroia).

Which all leads me to ask, how good is Miguel Andujar? How good is he now and how good can he be?

jon abbey

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Jul 15, 2005
Love the offensive side of his game, great bat to ball instincts and a special, violent swing that has seen him compared to the great Gary Sheffield.

His D is still a question, though, his side to side reaction time is sometimes lacking, he has not looked great on weak balls he has to charge (I am surprised no one has tried to bunt on him yet, that I can remember anyway), and his sidearm throwing is strong but still scary.

I can see Cashman selling high on him for the right pitcher, and going with Drury or Drury this season/Machado after that.


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Jul 15, 2005
he has not looked great on weak balls he has to charge (
Actually, now that you mention this, nobody in the infield really has. I think I've seen more soft grounders bobbled this year than all of my life. Seems like some drills could be in order here.