The Game Ball Thread: Wk. 12 vs Titans


Jun 11, 2019
He looked more happy earlier in the background earlier in the video I thought when he was greeting a player...

Van Everyman

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Apr 30, 2009
I love those videos. Belichick really seems to like Bourne. Maybe he's our new Jules.

So much in that Kraft Mac embrace.

"You know I'll always love your big brother more."

"Come on, he's in Tampa, can't you love me too?"

"Maybe. But not right away."

"I'm not going to stop until you love me just as much."

"Well, you keep trying but I'm an old man stuck in my ways. I may love you too eventually, but just not as much."
Maybe Drew can give Mac some pointers on how Kraft moves on from the "He's like a son to me" mindset.


Dorito Dawg
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Dec 16, 2010
Cody Davis with a mask on in that locker room video, so I'm guessing he's unvaccinated? Or just very careful.

Big McCorkle

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May 9, 2021
I really don't think that was a route adjustment, it was just a bad ball that Meyers made a great play on. I haven't seen the All-22, but here's a screen cap from the broadcast footage (red box is the ball).

Meyers has a ton of room going to the sideline. Byard is a couple steps behind him laterally, and 2 yards behind him. The obvious ball placement is to lead Meyers towards the sideline. If he puts it in the right spot, it's an uncontested catch. Likely minimal to no chance for YAC, but definitely a secure catch. Instead, the ball is behind Meyers and overthrown. Jakobi basically adjusts by slowing down and peeling back. Byard tries to undercut and misses it.

It's just a bad ball from Mac with a good outcome. I can't imagine this placement was intentional. It was probably further away from his intention than the miss to Henry later, but with just a much better result.

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The thing about that play, using a measurement from my mk. 1 human eyeball on the All-22, is that Meyers doesn't seem to slow down until the very last moment; Byard just closes the gap really fast. I think. Which makes the ball look a lot more horizontally underthrown than it really was. Not entirely sure about that, though.