the yankees will be in 4th place in the east and here why


Dec 19, 2012
i am a yankees fan kind of a pessimist at times on baseball

num 1 Boone he will overwork the pen or someone will get hurt
num 2 they are slow on def and loseing their speed who will be at 1b ss 2b
num 3 its all or nothing with this lineup they either score 10 runs or 1 run

Tb is just better than them at everything but that dump of a stadium
Tor matches up with them better than tb
and bos has a better GM and manger
bos only worry is maybe SP

1 TB 93-69
2 TOR 92-70
3 BOS 91-71
4 NYY 86-76

jon abbey

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Jul 15, 2005
j-man kindly left out the second part, which is that because of the new playoff system, NY gets in as the #6 seed which will be the weaker side of the draw generally (the 2nd and 3rd division winners, the other side has the 1st division winner and the 1st wild card). For instance, the NL last year (admittedly an extreme example):

The #5 seed drew the 106 win Dodgers and then possibly the 107 win Giants to get to the NLCS.
If there was a #6 seed, they would have drawn the 88 win Braves and then 95 win Brewers to get to the NLCS.


So j-man's point here is not prognostication as it seems on the surface, it's a subtle, scathing critique of the obvious hole in the new playoff system (which is still better than the previous version), pointing out that being the #6 seed is almost certainly better than being the #5 seed, and that if you're aiming for the #6 seed with a very talented team, Aaron Boone is your man, as Cashman certainly knows. Well done, j-man, well done.

Ferm Sheller

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Mar 5, 2007
This has become my favorite thread. Any way to get j-man promoted to "Platinum Member" or some such equivalent?


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May 24, 2003
Analysis is sound as usual but the ability to predict the future is in some question. He nailed the Bronco SB win. Slightly off on the 4 Yankee trips to the WS in next 5 years prediction.

I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt here and accept this outcome. You’re welcome.