Week 2 - Miami: Let’s Groove Tonight


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Jul 21, 2005
Miami looked gassed there. Get a 3 and out…they are primed to gag this away.


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Jan 20, 2007
Let’s put the women and children to bed and go looking for dinner.


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Nov 28, 2005
Pats are about to get a turnover from a stupid Tua play, they are going to score a TD, and Bill is going to for 2 to win the game.


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May 5, 2006
Judon is going to get free and force a Hightower this drive. He has come close so many times.


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Jan 22, 2015
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It’s an offense first league. Gotta score to win. And yet Bill’s been trying to zig when they zag for 3 of 4 years post-Brady in developing a ground and pound O. It ain’t working. We need playmakers, and an OL, and likely a better QB. It’s just not working.
Ground and Pound is tough when the OL sucks. Hard to tell if the strategy would work.


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Nov 17, 2006
San Francisco
What game are you watching? The defense, before that long run, has done nothing BUT stop the big plays.
I am watching the game. The defense has been fine to good. But they have missed some tackles. And they gave up a few big plays. Mostly that TD run and the entire drive before the half. The offense has been more to blame though.

Ed Hillel

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Dec 12, 2007
We are going to end up having a chance at the end. This is just how it works. We will get it within the 30.


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Sep 27, 2016
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The Pats are likely to score one more time. But its probably asking a lot for two more TDs.
Well, at the moment let's just see if someone else can make a play. They have enough time to have an ordinary defensive stand, but not much beyond that. Mac probably only gets one chance at redemption.

I'll say this, we had a shot at the end of the Eagles game, we might well get a shot at the end of this game too. Not sure we could ask much more from this roster.

Gash Prex

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Apr 18, 2002
We are in a one score game and all people want to do is dissect some Mac Jones throw from 2 series ago - and ignore the great throws and plays from the current scoring drive.


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Apr 24, 2009
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He's been ok, I don't think he's been awesome. The defense has given him great field position, he had the shit drive post Gonzalez int, and Rham finally showed up that drive.
Man, he's made a lot of second reaction plays, he's created outside structure. He missed the play to Gesicki that would have been amazing had he hit, but even as a Mac skeptic I have to say he's been nails. This offense asks him to be the playmaker and he made plays.