West Finals: Sharks vs. Blues

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Jul 27, 2007
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How is it that they can go back two minutes to find a skate that's offsides by a half inch, but they can't overturn that goal?

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Oct 6, 2010
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Why not take a route similar to the NFL and make every single goal possible to be reviewed, like football does for touchdowns? That is a brutal, brutal break for the Blues, clearly a handpass.


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Aug 1, 2006
NHL needs to overhaul the officiating in the offseason. Inexcusable that a goal can be waived off 3 min later due to a skate being a 1/4 of an inch off the line but a fucking hand pass right in front of the net is a good goal. This plus the "netting" goal in CBJ should break the camels back.

Dummy Hoy

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Jul 22, 2006
Maybe they'll actually try and fix replay?
I mean, I feel like we’ve seen multiple situations this playoffs where the bad rules have been exposed (that FO in the Vegas series, the netting in Columbus, tonight, probably more). So maybe this is a busy offseason for the rules committee.

That was some bulllllllllllllshit tonight.

Edit: in 35 years of watching, playing, coaching, no call has upset me as much as the netting one. But tonight is unreal.


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Mar 18, 2004
If they want replay it's going to have to be reviewing every goal. And if there is an offside it won't matter if the other team possesses it at some point. This is just bananas.


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Nov 6, 2001
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So what are the refs chatting about in their locker room right now? I mean, seriously, how do none of them quickly acknowledge their mistake and wave off the goal on the ice?


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Nov 25, 2003
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Just like the Columbus goal against the B's that went off the netting. I will add to the chorus. If you're going to review potential offside on the entry you have to be able to review all of these.


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Nov 15, 2006
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On the flip side, I’ve always wondered why hand passed were illegal in the neutral zone but and offensive sons, but legal in the defensive zone. Never made sense to me.


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Sep 4, 2006
DL‏ @davelozo
[hand pass leads directly to a game-winning playoff OT goal] we’d love to review that but we can’t
[player’s toenail is 0.000000005 centimeters offside on a zone entry that occurs four minutes before a goal] we have to have disallow that goal


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Jul 31, 2006
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This is the most frustrated I’ve ever been with the officiating and I don’t like either team or care about either team. However I am growing to hate the sharks, simply because they have a horseshoe up their ass and are being saved by the officials multiple times.

NHL has a lot of work to do. They need to make everything reviewable if they’re going to use replay AND they need to redefine what the fuck goalie interference is.

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Jul 13, 2002
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of course St Louis got a hell of a break on the no call on the delay of game right before they scored twice so I suppose there's that too. But man. What a bad look.


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Jul 14, 2005
#2 or #3 for SJS. Eakin phantom major in game7, Landeskog offside line change, now this. Quite a heater.
The phantom major was the wrong call, but Vegas allowing four goals in five minutes was a problem of their own making. It's only the second time in league history a team has scored four goals on a five minute major. The penalty was not the proximate cause of the loss.

The Landeskog offside was the correct call. Landeskog needs to get off the ice faster. It's a very simple rule. it was a break that Landeskog screwed up, I guess, but that's Colorado's mistake.

This one was just a blown call. I'm guessing the refs just didn't see it live and it's not reviewable. But they missed three obvious penalties on St Louis during the game.


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Dec 12, 2004
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Even putting review aside, I don't see how four on-ice officials can miss that. It's as clear a hand-pass as you'll ever see.

The fact that that's not reviewable is a separately embarrassing reality. Competition Committee meets during the SCF, let's see if they can get any of this shit right