Will the Yankees Make a Move on Lester?

Will the Yankees make a play for Lester?

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Sep 13, 2006
Not surprisingly, the "Premature...Lester" thread has revealed some marked polarity with regard to the MFYs.  Some would "pick the Red Sox as presently built (with 52 OFs) 100x times over than the Yankees."  Some feel that the "craziest" thing on the thread is "that there appear to be people here that still fear the Yankees in any capacity."  Others respond that "Any Red Sox fan who does not fear the Yankees on some level is deluding themselves.  They will always be there lurking in the background waiting to resurrect themselves, often at our expense and dismay."  
Another replies: "They tend to binge more than they do parse the FA market...Their MO is to ignore their true status and act impetuously...assuming they will act like most other teams in their position would is, i think, ignoring a lot."
Shilling tweets: "Brian has ALWAYS been sneaky good at winning when no one knows he's in the game."
Tony Gwynn, Kirby Puckett and John Candy have yet to weigh in on the topic.
History tells us that the Yankees have long fetishized/lusted after the stars and former stars of their biggest rivals.  Roger Clemens, Wade Boggs, Johnny Damon, Jacoby Ellsbury, Darryl Strawberry and Doc Gooden have all been lured to the Bronx (whether the Mets are truly a rival is the topic for another thread).  They seem to enjoy collecting those who've won Championships in Boston: Alan Embree, Mark Bellhorn, Mike Myers, Damon, Stephen Drew, Ellsbury and even Matt Thornton have all been in Pinstripes after a duck boat ride.
In recent years, the Yankee front office has issued proclamations to the effect that they are adhering to a budget and/or have no interest in top-dollar free agents only to dramatically reverse course.  In years past, they openly courted free agents (who could forget Joe Torre felating Mussina as they toured the suburbs in an effort to show Mike the other side of the NY area?).
Personally, despite their already bloated payroll, despite the albatross contracts that they're already saddled with, despite the myriad of holes in their infield, I can't imagine that the Yankees won't pursue Lester.  They're the Yankees after all.  And Lester is a Boston post-season hero.  And a lefty.  A free agent Jon Lester is to the Yankees what high-grade cocaine was to Nikki Sixx in '87: something that they're gonna go after no matter what. 
Just last offseason, the Yankees went after Ellsbury despite the fact that they had no pressing need for a lead-off hitter or centerfielder with Brett Gardner already in the fold.
The Yankees being the Yankees, I have to feel that a Lester play is inevitable.  The questions are: When?  How much? And will he bite?
What say you SoSH? 


Dorito Dawg
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Dec 16, 2010
Until something other than speculation comes from someone other than Schilling, I'd say we should leave this alone.

Ed Hillel

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Dec 12, 2007
12 years/3.2 billion, opt out clause that applies after every 3rd pitch.
Sep 13, 2006
DrewDawg said:
Until something other than speculation comes from someone other than Schilling, I'd say we should leave this alone.
Once there's any "real" news, the "will they or won't they" aspect becomes moot. 

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Nov 8, 2002
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Yankees 2015:
Lester @ 7 years / $175M
Scherzer @ 8 years / $240M
Sandoval @ 7 years / $140M
Hanley @ 8 years / $144M
Miller @ 7 years  / $98M
Cruz @ 6 years / $132M
Add $130M to existing payroll...no more problems
(and give them all an opt out after 3 years and a $25M bonus for making the All Star game)
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