Workman's way back


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Jun 27, 2006
Brandon Workman has been a reconstruction project for years after his effective 2013 playoff relief pitching and his infamous 2013 playoff hitting. Workman has always had a good knuckle curve, but his fastball location and velocity both come and go. The hardest pitch he ever threw in the major leagues was the first, and his velocity has been going downhill ever since, so his velocity is always in question.

His first major league appearance of 2018 was brief and successful: 6 fastballs averaging 92.8 mph and 10.7" vertical rise, 2 slow curves for strikes, 1 cutter for a strike. Let's hope that for the rest of the season, he doesn't throw all of his pitches belt-high.

He used to be an asset. Maybe he can be again.


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Had a clean 1-2-3 inning tonight. More than half (6 of 11) of his pitches were cutters. He varied speed on the cutter from 85 to 90...

Top speed on his 4 seamer was 92. Threw two knuckle curves. (Data from ESPN gamecast FWIW)

Was he always so reliant on the cutter? I remember him being a fastball curveball guy back in his brief glory days.


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Apr 23, 2002
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Cutter was his out pitch coming out of Texas IIRC. Sox made him throw other stuff to diversify his arsenal coming up but I think it’s regarded as his best pitch still?