World Cup Day 6 11/25: AMERICAN REVOLUTION!


The Ultimate One
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Sep 27, 2016
Pittsburgh, PA
Yep. And I like it. It was a pretty cleanly played game so no need to control it through warnings. I get it in a game like Senegal vs. Netherlands where it looked like it was going to get out of control, but nothing in the flow of this game should have pushed the ref towards borderline yellows. I'm pretty hard on officiating, but really thought this ref managed the game well.
There were a few moments where I was mildly angry the ref didn't give the Brit a yellow... and then a few (including Dest) where I was terrified the ref was.going to give our guy a deserved yellow, and he just... didn't.

Since nobody was getting two yellows on that game, I can't be angry that he called it loose. I ended up being glad he kept the card in his pocket, while calling 24 total fouls (9 on England, 15 on us). Will prove to be a blessing, I think.


Sunny von Bulow
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Jan 10, 2004
The 718
I felt like England played like a draw was perfectly fine for them. They just played low ebb football lacking energy and ideas. Very pedestrian. Maybe they think they can do what they want with Wales. I was expecting a bit more fight and aggression. They seemed passive.

The general narrative from the English manager and a couple of players is “ controlled the game, just not clinical enough but a point is better than taking a loss”. Which if I’m an England fan, as you say, I wouldn’t be happy about. Very few pundits in the after game post mortem on ITV giving the U.S much credit.
I may be full of it, but there’s a difference between playing for a draw and playing passive, inert football like this. The former is a choice of tactic based on the group table, the latter is bad form and apathy (?) and I’m not sure if you can just switch the dynamism back on after a display like that.