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A Little Red Sox Forum Housekeeping

Discussion in 'Red Sox Forum' started by Cuzittt, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. Cuzittt

    Cuzittt Bouncing with Anger Dope

    With the success of the Minor League Gamedays in the Red Sox forum and some subsequent topic splits from these threads... we have decided to move all active minor league (Red Sox related) threads to the Red Sox Forum. This includes the currently active Adopt a Prospect Threads (mostly Dr. Tooth).

    What this means for you:

    1) Any new minor league related thread should be started in the Red Sox forum or in MLB Discussion (depending on the exact nature of the thread).
    2) Any NEW AAP threads should be started in the Red Sox forum.
    3) Any OLD AAP threads should be bumped up in AAP with new information and will then be moved to the Red Sox forum by me or another member of the SoSH administration.
    4) If there are any threads in the main MiLB forum that are still relevant and can be bumped, they can be bumped up with new information as well and they too will be moved to the relevant forum.

    The Minor League Forums will NOT be going away but will be utilized as an archival space.

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