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    2020 PGA $ League Results, Trash Talk, Game Thread

    As I've had a team vomit all over Sundays all year, including the week I tied because a player went 5 over over the last 5 holes despite having a birdie on one (when 4 over would have won), I must admit I feel like the golf gods owed me Adam Scott yesterday
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    2020 PGA $ League Results, Trash Talk, Game Thread

    That was quite the impressive meltdown yesterday from Danny WIllett to cost me the win yesterday. He managed to go double, par, double, birdie, double. Most impressive was 18, where he needed a bogey for me to win. He hits his second shot to the rough 31 feet from the hole, and managed to...
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    NY 60 man roster

    One good thing on Wells, is it gives you a depth bullpen catcher. Even if there is no chance he'd ever play the position. If you have 17 pitchers on you taxi squad, they are going to have to throw a ton, and even potentially 2 taxi squad catchers may not be enough. So you add Wells, and you can...
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    2020 PGA $ League Results, Trash Talk, Game Thread

    Man my 2019 team piled up some huge points today, sigh none of those guys are on my 2020 roster
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    2020 PGA Tour

    Great tourney. Not having fans certainly does kill some of the buzz, but on the other hand it is great to see the players actually having to play the course, instead of having critical horrible shots turned into not bad at all being actually punished for awful shots. On the other hand of...
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    "We're going to Disney World!" NBA to resume season July 31 at WDW

    All I know is getting this clown out of town is a top 20 move in franchise history
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    "We're going to Disney World!" NBA to resume season July 31 at WDW

    Yeah, this is so incredibly stupid. The NBA minimum salary for 2019 is 898 thousand for players with 0 experience, and 1.44 million for players with 1 year experience, and continues to go up from there. So a undrafted NBA rookie who makes a roster makes 14 times the Average American...
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    2020 MLB Draft Thread

    Funny thing is with the deep southern accent, the guy he kind of reminded me of watching him talk and the rep was the supposed can't miss prospect from Trouble with the Curve. He certainly has a high upside potential with a potential to be a 40 HR type of bat if everything goes well
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    Tennis 2020: There is an I in Thiem

    Federer is done for the season, as he had a second surgery on his knee. Plans to play in 2021. I would think if he is healthy he will do he retirement tour (hit the majors and a few other spots), but really hard to imagine it being much more than a retirement tour
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    NY Hiatus Discussion

    Yeah, BA had Wells going to the Yankees in one of their mocks, and I think Pitchers in most of the rest. I think Yankee fans should be happy when they swing at a high ceiling player. They have made so many early picks which weren't. Given the depth of their system, and the money etc I tend...
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    2020 MLB Draft Thread

    I hope they are not making the pick to punt
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    2020 MLB Draft Thread

    Yeah it is so hard, most people have never seen any of these guys play, and then after the draft he best of the best are a minimum of 12 months away from putting a mlb uniform on, and most are close to 3 years away Still a far cry from the days where they didn't even want to announce the...
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    Memphis Grizzlies 2019-2020

    look let them have their 8 games and if anyone can make up the 3.5 game gap, then they deserve to pass the Grizz and make it in. But in no way should the Grizz, or Orlando in the East have to participate in some sort of play in scenario, where they are not credited for the substantial lead...
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    Real Life Fantasy Golf - Following Rob

    So completely missed the announcements when they came last month. Am I right in saying that the rule changes at the PGA level means Rob will have his card for next season as well. It seems they are freezing promotions, no Korn Ferry Qualifying , etc...
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    One round: Seminole or Medalist?

    I'm not good enough to play either one. Seminole is of course incredibly forgiving of bad tee shots, especially when there is only 1 foursome on the course, but the approaches would be torture, because even if you hit a good approach for my skill level, you are just going to roll off the...