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  • Dude, who is the female in your avatar? I don't know why but not knowing bugs me every time I see it.
    as B.H. Kim.
    I have high hopes for both pitchers (though I'm already sick of hearing about how quality a person Masterson is, I'd rather him pitch like a quality major leaguer and be a total douche bag that a total douche bag on the mound and a quality person) but it's safe to say that the odds are against these guys because they are young and what they do just isn't ve
    Hey I wanted to message you here rather than the Masterson & Bowden thread since we we're told to lay off the Kim stuff.
    You're likely right, I should have been more wise with how I worded my post. It wouldn't be a massive success for either pitcher to post an ERA+ around 106 in close to 900 innings. Rather, it's likely that neither pitcher will have as much success
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