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    Bundesliga 20-21: Bayern and 17 other teams

    Is there any chance Dortmund could challenge Bayern this year if Haaland, Reus, and Sancho stay together and fit for the whole year? Obviously fitness is going to be a big problem with Reus.
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    Washington Football Team Name Change

    I don't think I've ever seen so many cryptic tweets about a yet to be published story. It's been building since Sunday.
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    Washington Football Team Name Change

    Just wondering, what's your reasoning here? Why would you never consider using it?
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    Bill Simmons: Valuing Trades More Than Friendships

    To some people, asking Bill Simmons to hire a more diverse workforce and give more podcast opportunities to marginalized groups is the equivalent of canceling him. Interesting.
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    Arsenal 2019-2020 - Because Thursday Games are the Best Way to Start the Weekend

    Also seems to indicate that Wenger, Gazidis, and Raul all made really poor transfer market and wage bill decisions over the last few years. The performance yesterday was such a mess, but I also look at a number of players and wonder why we spent so much on them. We've been "rebuilding" for 2 or...
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    Live sports are back!!

    Will be interesting to see what happens if today's match is a draw and Bayern eventually end up winning the league on GD or by 1 pt. Will people see it as a legitimate title given Dortmund had to play with crowds in Munich, while Bayern gets empty stands in Dortmund?
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    Rethinking Barstool?

    No matter your feeling on Big Cat, you must admit he is garbage at NCAA Football. 6 ints in the first 3 quarters last night.
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    Euro 2020, Baku to Bilbao to Budapest. Anyone going?

    Resale platform is odd this year where ticket holders were required to list their tickets a few days ago and tickets will only be available to purchase for the next few days. In 2016 it was open with tickets added on a rolling basis from March through the tournament. Got some tickets but...
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    2019 WS - Nationals vs. Astros - Gamethread

    Will be interesting to see if he's good to start (seems like a high probably something could have inflamed overnight), whether he can perform at a high level if he does pitch, and whether he's able to go without reaggravating anything. If something happens early, I assume the Nats will go to...
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    2019 WS - Nationals vs. Astros - Gamethread

    Ridiculous, he couldn't even turn his head when speaking to the media yesterday.
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    2019 WS - Nationals vs. Astros - Gamethread

    What an absolute disgrace
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    2019 WS - Nationals vs. Astros - Gamethread

    Nats just totally dominated and overwhelmed right now. Can't believe how brutal every home game has been for them.
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    2019 WS - Nationals vs. Astros - Gamethread

    If Scherzer is actually able to go for game 7 it's still basically the same scenario for them to win--need 2 out of 3 from him and Strasburg. However, I'm really doubting neck spasms can settle down that quickly. At least Ross looked good on Friday.
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    2019 WS - Nationals vs. Astros - Gamethread

    Alex Bregman is extremely unlikeable
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    2019 WS - Nationals vs. Astros - Gamethread

    The Redskins just have a really toxic brand in the city right now so I don't think there's a big push to attach them to the event. Not that anyone has negative feelings for Joe Gibbs, but the last time he was a "winner" was over 25 years ago. It's certainly a more regional thing but Jose Andres...