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    Isaiah Thomas: Ball-Carrying Jerkface?

    Shaq used to do the same thing where he would step over the line and never got called. You can probably call a lane violation on just about every free throw attempt where someone is either standing on 3 point line or goes into the key early. Just one of those rules that isnt enforced at the...
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    Your preferred Celtic target at #3

    Another datapoint on the stats side, in Pelton's WARP model he ranks Jaylen Brown as the 101st best prospect. Granted it has Zhou Qi and Bender as 1 and 2, but I agree with all the points you made and am hoping Brown isn't the pick.
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    Celtics acquire David Lee for Gerald Wallace

    I believe another possible benefit is with the additional salary from Lee, if Ainge can work out a sign and trade for Amir Johnson with the Rondo TPE, that would get them over them cap, giving us access to the MLE and other rights/non-expired exceptions would not need to be renounced.
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    Celtics Interested In Evan Turner?

    Evan Turners the other cheek
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    2014 NBA Draft Thread (No Spoilers You Clowns)

    If we take Capella we'll be getting #1 and #2 in analytics based on Kevin Pelton's warp rankings.
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    Away game at Oakland

    I've been going to games in Oakland for a long time always with a Sox cap and the worst I've come across is a few "Sox Suck" comments as you walk by someone, and that was just a couple times.  There are unsavory characters there, but the atmosphere shouldn't be anything like a Raiders game.  I...
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    NBA Playoffs Round Two Game Thread

    Damn it Joe Johnson, if Pierce is calling for the ball with Ray Allen guarding him, give it to him.
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    Building the next winning team/We can't stay on topic thread

    It doesn't work like that.  There's no way for the Cavs to get under the cap until the start of the new season on July 1 which is when they will start renouncing free agent rights to free up cap space.  
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    Building the next winning team/We can't stay on topic thread

    One barrier to a trade scenario like that happening is that it has to be done as a good faith deal because the Cavs won't officially have cap space until July 1st.  So they would have to draft on our behalf, wait a week and trade the draft rights of the two picks for Pierce possibly without...