Engaging, memorable literature from The Bard to Kerouac; mid-Twentieth Century Broadway musicals (I enjoy singing the lyrics of the entire score of "The Pajama Game" with Marv Albert); American history with an emphasis on presidential politics (and yes, I voted for George McGovern, Gene McCarthy, and John Anderson), and the history of early rock 'n roll from Joe Turner to Gary Lewis (I once won a WMEX Good Guys shirt on Melvin X. Melvin's Gold Platter Show). Most importantly, I am a former regular caller - a Glick Nick - when Mr. Larry Glick dominated the airwaves on WBZ between midnight and 6:00 a.m. on WBZ. Enough said.
Jan 28, 1955 (Age: 69)
East of the sun; west of the moon


October 20, 2004 - Mike Francesa: "The Yankees will not lose on Mickey Mantle's birthday."

The next afternoon - Chris "Mad Dog" Russo: "Mike, you were right! Because of the length of the game, the Yankees didn't lose on Mickey Mantle's birthday. Instead, they lost on Whitey Ford's!"