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    9/7 C’s vs Raps Game 5

    And now back to our regularly scheduled Shirley Jackson story.
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    Forbes Field: A Memoir in Drawings

    I just finished watching this video by muralist and architecture professor Douglas Cooper, in which he describes his experience living next to Pittsburgh's Forbes Field in the late 1960s. His memories are accompanied by his drawings, including details of a mural of historic Pittsburgh panoramas...
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    Covid and MLB

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    Screen Recording Software for Windows

    Maybe this was was common knowledge, but I learned this week that PowerPoint has a screen recording function.
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    Best Red Sox Closer: Nominees

    Keith Foulke, because he changed my life.
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    Jim Ed's Signature

    My first favorite player was Jim Rice. I took markers and turned a plain white T-shirt into a Jim Rice jersey for my Halloween costume when I was 10. I have had a Jim Rice sticker on the back of my electric guitar for 2 decades now. I love Jim Rice. The SI cover of him sliding into home and...
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    Kobe Killed in Helicopter Crash

    Your posts are bad not only because they assume and call out bad faith on the part of respected long term members of this community, but also because they are expressions, "signals" if you will, of your own sense of virtue and its opposite. Kobe Bryant's game always seemed overrated to me, and...
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    Kobe Killed in Helicopter Crash

    People should get used to rape and sexual assault being mentioned soon after a celebrity dies, unexpectedly or not. If Roethlisberger, Tyson, Spacey, Louis CK, or any other of a thousand others died in a helicopter crash today, you better believe those events would be discussed. The reactions...
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    All-Time Favorite Baseball Teams that Weren't Your Team

    The mid-80s Cardinals with Coleman, Tudor, McGee, et al. Great foils for the despicable Mets. The 88 Dodgers: Hershiser, Gibson, but particularly Hatcher, who is the cousin of a kid in my class that year. His WS homers felt like a personal victory.
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    Who Can Carry The Load?

    Not to mention gambling.
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    redoxstiff and redsoxbrain first appeared in this forum at about the same time, and were confused with each other for a while until it became evident that stiffy was sui generis and no one could possibly mistake his voice for any other. Days or weeks into his tenure I made the terrible mistake...
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    [LOCKED] 2019 AB Watch: Non-legal Views Only

    Sorry I'm late on this, but based on Brown's recent behavior perhaps Autotomy would be a more appropriate name.
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    2019 FIBA World Cup

    Angola has a New England connection through its coach, Vermont native Will Voigt, so it's disappointing to see them get completely run off the floor like that.
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    2019 Cricket All-Rounder Thread

    Recently I went on vacation with my wife to a place where cricket, and lots of it, was on tv. We watched some and I learned the basic rules again and taught myself a little how to read the numbers and stats on the screen during a match. Then I saw your post from July 14 and I went and watched...