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    Red Sox DFA Ryan Weber and call up Michael Chavis.

    Rough 24 hours for Weber
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    Three True Outcomes, The Bobby Dalbec Thread.

    Another golden sombrero today, against Houston. I must admit, while Cora's strategy of giving players a LOOONG leash seems to pay off more often than not (e.g. Hunter Renfroe), it's depressing to see Bobby come up to the plate in a clutch situation and feel fairly certain he'll just strike out.
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    Sox @ Houston, June 3: Enough is Enough.

    Seriously, Dalbec makes Sandy Leon look like Tony Gwynn.
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    Franchy Cordero to Triple-A Worcester.

    At least we know that with the WooSox, he'll be barrelling those grounders to 2B with high exit velocity. /s
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    Maybe the Red Sox are good?

    Incredibly, we seem to have the highest OPS in baseball despite carrying the offensive dead weight of Cordero, Renfroe, Dalbec, Gonzalez, and (to a lesser degree) K. Hernandez. I still can't wrap my mind around it, but I'll take it.
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    5/12 The Sox, No Longer Confused, Crush A's

    Brice, the Franchy Cordero of pitchers
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    5/12 The Sox, No Longer Confused, Crush A's

    Bazardo has a pretty live arm. Plus he looks a little like Eduardo Rodriguez, which is fun. Those PTBNL in the Benintendi trade better be good
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    Bullpen '21

    I would assume that Brice's spot is earmarked for Ryan Brasier when (if) he returns in early June?
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    5/5--hosting the Tigers again

    It's like we have two lineups. The Verdugo/Devers/JDM/Xander/Vazquez part that can actually hit, and then the Renfroe/Dalbec/Cordero/Hernandez part that is just an automatic out.
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    Pats Draft Rd.2/38: DI Christian Barmore

    The Jones and Barmore picks are really throwing me for a loop. What ever happened to the time-honored strategy of trading down repeatedly in order to overdraft a bunch of no-namers?
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    4/12- 2:10 PM ET @ MIN: Game To be Played

    Sounds like this is the right decision, showing sensitivity to what's happening in the community. I was looking forward to the game today, but some things are more important. That said ... Philando Castile, George Floyd, and now Daunte Wright .... what on earth is going on in Minnesota?
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    Fournier to Celtics for 2 second round picks

    The humor in this group really Hertz sometimes
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    Stop hoarding TP(E) - the what should the Celtics do with the TPE thread

    FWIW, The Athletic is reporting that the Pistons are sitting Blake Griffin in anticipation of a possible buyout.
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    Red Sox sign RHP Hirokazu Sawamura, 2 yr/$2.4M

    Per Alex Speier, profiles as a 7th inning bullpen arm.
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    C's pick Aaron Nesmith #14 overall

    I know this is jumping to WAY too early of a judgment about Nesmith, but we might have been better off just keeping our three picks and selecting Bane, Pritchard, and Tillman. That would have been a home run of a draft.