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Yes, I am a Yankee fan. But, I'll go into the Sox forums, and I can sound like a Sox fan, in terms of trade talk, with only the Sox best interest of mind. Heck, I've fooled many a fan that my team is the Red Sox. You see, I talk Red Sox because I'm in Red Sox Nation right now. I happen to enjoy the teasing I get; it makes my experience as a fan that much more enjoyable.<br /><br />I'm a huge sabermetric freak. So, I idolize James and Van, at least in terms of metric properties, predictions, and analysis. I come up with new stats quite a bit. If you ever want details, give me a PM, along with an MLB player you want me to test the metrics on. I hope to share these with you; when it's baseball season, sabermetrics are life. In addition, during the hockey season, I use a few self-made metrics, especially with goalies. I'm on the verge of creating a BABIP like stat for non goalies-skaters, as well as basketball shooters, that tell you why, other than age, Ray Allen isn't hitting the 3 these days.<br /><br /><br />I also love the Celtics, Bruins, Pats and a casual Revs fan. I like football, but I'm not too knowledgeable about it. I would like metric help with football, if possible. I'll try my best at hockey (think Axelsson shooting into anything but the open net), but I have this random high IQ for basketball, personally. Despite my interest in sports, I never played them, except for soccer, when I was a kid, in a rec league, for about 5 years.<br /><br />Currently SoSH's Highest IQ Holder, at 150. I'm an idiot here, but it's really true. (Yes, you may have your amazing discoveries on the human mind, and a job in metrics with the Sox, Eric, but I've got you beat here.) <br /><br />Membership is a dream of mine here, and I intend to make a favorable impression in 2010, with new metrics to analyze on, that will impress you, seeing as I am a lurker.

Baseball (NYY), hockey (B's) basketball (Celts), football (Pats), soccer (Revs and Man U; a newbie a soccer, would like to know more) game shows, trivia, vacations, reading, computer games (especially sports), sampling food throughout Boston, and a good movie.
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