1. Beomoose

    The Night Before Draftmas 2024 Poll

    Unlike 2021 I think at this point we have a pretty good read on what posters want based on Eddie Jurak's 3-day out poll and Greekca's thread in "Wait, Who??" And we don't have Bill's track record to fall back on when trying to forecast what the draft could look like. So I'm treating this as more...
  2. RedOctober3829

    NFL FA Frenzy Game Thread

  3. DonBuddinE6

    "Spot and Choose": New Proposal for Overtime Rules

    The Ravens are proposing an intriguing change to overtime, according to PFT: "It works like this: One team picks the spot of the ball to start overtime, and the other team chooses whether to play offense or defense. "If the one team picks, for example, the offense’s own 20 yard line, the...
  4. E5 Yaz

    NFL: News and transactions

    Pouncey twins retire
  5. bosockboy

    Best Non-HOF NFL Players

    Good Super Bowl Sunday time killer. Best dozen players not in the HOF, excluding recent retirees who will likely get in soon. (Boselli, Holt, Seymour, etc)... Here are my 12: Cliff Branch Stanley Morgan Ken Anderson Ken Riley Roger Craig Joe Jacoby Jim Marshall Tommy Nobis Sam Mills...
  6. trekfan55

    NFL QB Carousel

    I thought it would be fun to have a catch-all thread about the evolving QB picture in the NFL. There are plenty of moving figures. Matt Stafford is leaving Detroit Deshaun Watson wants to leave Houston Drew Brees is retiring Phillip Rivers is retiring The Bears are expected to move on from...
  7. tims4wins

    2021 Hall of Fame

    View: Is this the year Seymour gets in? Woodson and Manning are locks of course.
  8. Section15Box113

    SoSH Playoff Predictions

    With the WFT clinching the NFC East, the regular season is in the books and the matchups are set. That means it's time to fire this thread up for the 2021 playoffs. Final seedings are below. Make your picks for each game through SB LV in Tampa (including the final score of the SB). As always...
  9. RedOctober3829

    NFL Coaching Carousel

    Black Monday started early. Jets fired Adam Gase officially. View:
  10. RedOctober3829

    NFL Predictions Thread

    AFC East: Patriots(10-6) AFC South: Colts (11-5) AFC North: Ravens(13-3) AFC West: Chiefs(14-2) Wild Cards: Buffalo, Tennessee, Pittsburgh NFC East: Cowboys(10-6) NFC South: Saints (11-5) NFC North: Vikings(10-6) NFC West: Seahawks(12-4) Wild Cards: Bucs, 49ers, Packers AFC Championship Game...
  11. ifmanis5

    2017 Pats Training Camp

    Training camp officially opens next week on July 26 with first practice the next day. You can see the practice schedule here: Two joint practices with the Jaguars August 7th and 8th and at the Texans Aug 15th and 16th. Pre-season schedule: Jaguars at Pats...