Jul 22, 2017
This is the first year my daughter has really gotten in to the Red Sox. She's been following every game on Twitter. She reminds me of me a long time ago with tons of optimism every game even when they are behind. When I was young and dumb. Without all of the heartache I've felt my whole life following this team. Until 2004 that is. I swore to the baseball Gods that after beating NY baseball would never matter again. We live in Missouri, I grew up in Connecticut surrounded by Yankees fans. Her first Red Sox game was with me. Recall the 11 inning comeback over St Louis earlier this year. It's so unfair that had to be her first game as the first 7 innings were typical Red Sox. Men on base, but none cross the plate. Now she thinks they can come from behind every game. Bad parenting on my part. So now I share this thing with her. I cant's give up. Lord knows I want to. Her favorite player? Benentendi. After that, Bradley and Betts. The killer B's. She went to Florida with her mom for a high school graduation trip. I stayed back took care of the dogs. It was a girls only thing. She strikes up a conversation with an old guy wearing a red Sox cap in Florida. Welcome to the Nation kid.


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Jan 20, 2007
Welcome to the board. This post reminds me why I miss the Sandbox.
Have we clarified how he would respond to a request from his daughter for a Judge jersey following his Home Run Derby performance?