Pats Preseason: QB Edition

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Oct 15, 2004
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This old article (Dec 2020) from Bedard talks about what Belichick wants in a QB.

This is literally quoted from BB's book from his time as Cleveland coach.


Mac was basically assembled in a lab somewere to Belichick's specs.

Edit: Also there's this:


Mike Giardi: The #Patriots draft the most accurate QB in the draft, Alabama's Mac Jones. Believed to be pro ready now. Incredible processor. As you probably know, has been teaching the 'Bama offense to new OC Bill O"Brien (former HC of the Texans and OC here in NE).
Reviewing all that, it's even more incredible that BB waited to take him. He's got dry ice in his veins. If those were my preferences for QB and I believed Mac had them and I had the pressing - screaming - need at QB that he had pre-draft, I would have tried pushing Shanahan aside for the #3 pick and would still be sweating bullets.
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