Video capture + motion detection recommendations?


SoSH Member
Sep 20, 2005
A bit of an obscure topic perhaps, but hoping the SoSH hive mind might be able to point me in the right direction.

My dad loves watching bluebirds and successfully watched his local pair have four successful broods last summer. For Christmas, my family all chipped in and got him a Hawkeye HD nature cam to mount in the nest box. I've agreed to help him install and set everything up.

The Hawkeye HD outputs in RCA format, so I need to find:
(1) some type of RCA input video capture card (USB preferred, PC computer)
(2) software that has good video record/management capabilities, including the ability to trigger recordings when motion is detected

The goal is for him to be able to head to the computer and be able to watch all of the missed action in the nest box without having to fast forward through hours and hours of the mother/baby bluebirds sitting completely still on the nest.

Any suggestions?