Who's your Heisman?

Dec 10, 2012
I know it's win-place-show, but pick your five
1. Mariota. I don't think it's close, 36-2 TD-Int
2. Melvin Gordon. Had 5 200 yard games (inc. 408) and 2 more 175 yard games, 8.3 average, ridiculous.
3. Amari Cooper. Go to guy on 3rd down. 10 games of 8 of more receptions.
4. Cody Kessler. 30 TD 4 INT is a better ratio than past Heisman winners Leinart and Palmer
5. Trevone Boykin. I thought TCU was known for their defense? Dual threat QB keeping TCU in the national championship race.


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Mar 31, 2013
Melvin Gordon is my pick. Wisconsin routinely turns out running backs that are outstanding, but Gordon has been the best of the bunch. He just smashed through Ron Daynes Big 10 single season rushing record and he still has two more games to go. Mariota has been really, really good, and he will probably win it because the Heisman is biased towards QBs on top teams, but I think Gordon has been just a bit more outstanding this season, with no support from his quarterback.


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Jul 15, 2005
If you talking Heisman you have to go Mariota, Gordon, Kessler, Cooper, Gurley (he got a screwed). If you are arguing best pro I have to say Cooper, Gurley, Gordon, Mariota, Kessler.


Sep 26, 2000
Mariota wins by miles
Gordon is probably second
Boykin should be 3rd (completely irreplaceable and transformative at TCU this year)
Kessler love surprises me.   He ends the year with nice numbers,  but there were a lot of DUD games to get there
Cooper is a great player, but Bama is so loaded.
Dec 10, 2012
Gordon in 2nd by virtue of dominating 2nd place votes (Cooper had more 1sts than Gordon).
Boykin in 4th, about 800 points below Cooper so they couldn't invite him. Barrett in 5th
Winston in 6th, what a joke.
Whatever happened to Troy Smith? Is he a janitor in some Columbus middle school?