Woo Sox tix on sale today 11/8

Lose Remerswaal

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I won't be giving any money to Larry and The Dentist.

Lose, aren't you going to miss the Modern Diner?
Won't miss it in the least.

Because we will still make trips to Pawtucket to eat there. Too bad our friend in Attleboro moved away, because Modern was often a stop when we visited.

Will I go to Worcester? Depends on our alternatives. We love minor league ball, so I expect if not in 2021 then in 2022 we'll check out Polar Park


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I was a Sox season ticket holder for 30+ years. Gave up my share after the 2019 season as other things in my life became more fun/important. I’m looking forward to getting to a few games in Worcester. After dealing with the trek into Boston, parking, and Fenway prices ...... Worcester games will be a bargain. I’m thinking they will do quite well.