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    Offseason rumors

    Or listed as a canary trap in intelligence circles, but may be just a term cooked up by Tom Clancy.
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    Mayo is the New Coach

    Go Light on the Mayo. or Go Easy on the Mayo
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    Week 18

    There could be nothing on the line for either team and the Ravens and Steelers would still play pretty tooth and nail. That's the way this rivalry runs, they don't like each other but they do respect each other.
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    Week 18

    Could be a hyperextended knee?
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    Week 18

    At least one of the rule changes was likely the Hines Ward blindside block rule. Harris isn't a world beater and arguably not a good use of a 1st round pick but he and Warren are making a good complimentary pair, which also offsets Tomlin's tendency to run a single back into the ground, who...
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    Week 9 Game Thread

    He's updated his IG with putting posts back and something to the effect of "all the assumptions over a picture that has nun to do with fb" So it's walked back or redirected at least for now. In theory, with one of the best route runners in the game in Diontae Johnson to learn from, a respected...
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    Week 2 NFL Game Thread

    Looked pretty uncatchable from at least one angle.
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    My 40 year old HP 12 C passed away this week

    Minor flashback with some hazy memory, when I was preparing to take the EIT and PE license exams, the review course strongly encouraged getting an HP that could do RPN, so I snagged an HP 48 GX and learned to use it. Took and passed the exam. The next exam cycle they banned the HP I had used I...
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    MLB Wide What are you Looking Forward to in 2023?

    I'm a Guardians fan, and with their limited power output last year, their offensive style seems to be particularly suited to the new rules, they may really run wild in the new environment. And I'll love seeing catchers back pick baserunners, it's been decades since I've thrown a baseball with...
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    Franco Harris dies

    As a kid in south central PA, Franco was an icon. At one point when I was something like 8 years old, my older brother did a bike a thon of some sort, and if you cleared a certain threshold you got your picture taken with Franco. My brother doubled the threshold, so I had a pic of me with...
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    Week 6 Gamethread

    Pitt decimated by injuries coming in, down most of the starting secondary, have lost Ogunjobi and Cole so far
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    Guardians vs. Yankees ALDS Thread

    Someone mentioned upthread Naylor looked like hell at the plate. Turns out he’s a little gimpy, he was visibly hobbling in game 2 and woke up sore . He was moved from 1B to DH to avoid a lot of the lateral movement playing defense. Owen Miller usually covers 1B in his place but they put Arias...
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    Guardians vs. Yankees ALDS Thread

    Crap I’m not going to be able to go to a bar to watch this, I have to help my son with homework. Cable less so now I’m stuck with game day unless I can find a feed.
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    Rays @ Guardians, 12:06 ET , ESP2

    Stuck on game day without a stream, but did McKenzie just throw an immaculate inning?
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    Rays @ Guardians, 12:06 ET , ESP2

    Crud, I thought I had a channel package that included ESPN so I could watch this one, but apparently I was mistaken. May have to do some digging, don’t want to drop $35 for sling for effectively a handful of games.