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    The 2021 World Series: Braves vs. Astros

    That's an outrageous catch by Rosario. Wow!
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    The 2021 World Series: Braves vs. Astros

    Uhhh were we all aware that apparently Dusty Baker invented the high five? This just came to my attention during this game.
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    2021 NLCS: Braves vs. Dodgers

    I don't understand what he saw there. Even if Taylor see he's at the ball sooner than he thought, all his momentum is towards third plus the longer throw. Disastrous base running.
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    9/26 vs MFY's. Love is a Battlefield.

    Agree with others on this. That was maybe the most infuriating at bat of the entire season, with very little in the way of real time reaction as to why it was ok (from the players or coaching staff), and instead we get message board admonishments on the technicalities of what can be challenged...
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    Now it's Sale's turn: Sale has COVID, will not start Sunday (9/10 update)

    Seabold pitched on the 28th and threw 92 pitches in 4.1 IP.
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    Pedal 'til you medal, 2020 Summer Olympics cycling and biking

    Posted about this in the other thread without realizing there was a dedicated cycling thread. This was my favorite event thus far. What a wonderful story for Anna K., who despite being little known, is a current time trial champion and was a professional with Lotto Sudal a few years ago before...
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    2020 Summer Olympics

    For me, best event today/last night was the Women's road cycling race. It was won by true amateur Anna Kiesenhofer from Austria who stepped away form professional cycling to do a Math PhD three years ago. She joined the breakaway at the start of the race, and then broke away solo with 40 km to...
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    2021 NBA Playoffs Gamethread

    I dunno what that Nets series did to him, but amazing to see this out of Giannis.
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    Forecast Looks Good

    But doesn't Vaz's discussion with the umpire between pitches suggest it was something that appeared structured? He saw it, told the umpire between pitches to look out for it, and then it happened again as he said it would.
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    Forecast Looks Good

    Results haven't been there, but they've been good at-bats overall
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    Forecast Looks Good

    Boy is this irritating
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    7/17 - Eovaldi vs. Cole 7:05 @ toilet

    Cosign. This is dumb
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    Tennis 2021

    A gift for Roger methinks. Have to think he's favored to come out of that half now
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    Tennis 2021

    Great matchups on at least one side of the men's bracket. I'm ride or die for Roger, but not sure he gets past Medvedev, and Berrettini vs. Felix should also be entertaining. Djokovic should cruise, and after seeing Khachanov's 5th set today, I'll take Shapo.
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    Tennis 2021

    Fed's results have been interesting so far. I wonder what the balance is between just building up time on court after playing so few matches in the past 1.5 years vs. the wear and tear of being a 39 year old. I don't necessary think it would be surprising if he looks stronger as the tournament...