2023 World Baseball Classic

Ale Xander

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Oct 31, 2013
Maybe I haven't been paying attention to enough MLB, but not a lot of big names among these US pitchers

Mr. Stinky Esq.

No more Ramon
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Dec 7, 2006
We’ve got this all-MLB caliber lineup and a pitching staff of who’s that’s. Meanwhile they’re going to pitch Darvish, Ohtani to close us out.

Tokyo Sox

Baka Gaijin
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Feb 16, 2006
They ought to show some live look ins on watch parties in Japan. (I know it’s some silly hour to be watching baseball there but I’m sure they’re still all over this).
It's 10:44am in Tokyo right now.

A bunch of people probably called in sick to work today.
MLB Japan printed up a "permission slip" type template for people to give to their employers. Pretty decent marketing for a change. I didn't have to make use of one, because we've got it on in my office. The two French guys here who don't give a crap about baseball are like, "can you guys do some work today please?"

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