8/25 - @ Lightning (Game 2). Let's win another game.


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Aug 19, 2009
Bad sign when Ritchie is arguably the best Bruin that period. Show up for the 2nd.
Yep. But you'll need contributions from all your lines in a deep run. Survived a horrible period with Ritchie showing why he wasn't sent to the upper deck. Now get the top lines clicking and the defense to not allow free redirects.


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Jun 16, 2011
Need to win two periods here. Clean up the defense, stop letting TB gain the zone so easily. Clear their guys out of the crease.

And make crisper passes to exit the D zone.

I’d like to see possession monster Coyle in period 2, plus the Krejci line work some magic.


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Nov 15, 2006
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The Bruins only attempted a total of 2 shots with the 1st, 2nd and 4th lines on the ice at 5x5 that period.

As bad as it was, they did manage 5 scoring chances which is pretty good considering he limited possession.


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Dec 1, 2003
Quincy, MA
DeBrusk has had a rough period. A bit of a suicide pass got him laid out, then behind the net he caught/hugged the stick from the after whistle check and was just dropped by the Tampa guy... will be interesting to see if how he responds in the second. I thought he got quiet in the playoffs last year after teams got physical with him.

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Oct 6, 2010
Moving the Line
What the fuck, Sean? That’s lazy at best.

What am I missing? I thought Kuch gave him a bit, but it’s mostly unaware. I’d love to be wrong, please correct me.