Guys...I dont have time. Chiefs for Sale


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Jan 8, 2001
"Hello unfortunately due to recent events I will be forced to step down as president of the Chiefs and sell my controlling interest in the Franchise. I will make every effort to transition ownership to a local ownership group who can give the great fans of KC the type of Team they can be proud of. I hope my stint as owner has left the municipal treasure that is the KCC in a better place then when I took over. I will always be vested in this team and this community, thank you."
I apologize.  I simply dont have time to keep up with RF.   Its disappointing because while my team sucked (sucks) I really was thinking it would be fun to take a long term view of this and build from the bottom.
Shit happens and life has gotten more complicated. Unfortunately I don't have the time I was expecting to be able to dedicate.
If someone would like to take control of the Chiefs please let me and the RF "managment team" know.
If someone wants to split duties I may be able to make that work.
Again I apologize and am excited to follow this as it develops.