Multiple iOS devices?


Cow Humper
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Jul 18, 2007
For Xmas, my wife asked for a new iPad as our son has pretty much commandeered the one I originally got for her.

Not a problem, alls cool. But today while home with him due to the storm I noticed that the old iPad is still getting her text messages. We want to keep that ipad connected to her iTunes account as that's where we've purchased shows and movies for our son, but I'd rather not have her texts come to he device. Her texts are her texts, and I'm not going to go reading them, but I often help him with his puzzle or ABC apps and whatnot and I don't want to inadvertently invade her privacy.

Is there a way to keep the ipad connected to her iTunes but not have it receive text messages?

B H Kim

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Oct 24, 2003
Washington, DC
Under Settings>Messages>Send & Receive you can also set up different email address(es) for the Messages app for each device (independent of the iTunes account).  I have 8 iOS devices in my house, all on the same iTunes account, but six of them are set up for four different addresses for messages (and two of them aren't set up for messaging at all).