Week 18 game thread?


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Dec 11, 2012
Enfield, Connecticut
I didn't watch it in real-time but after all the talk about the timeout, I watched the last hour on youtube. I agree with a lot of people here that Staley didn't like the defensive alignment and called a timeout to give his guys a breather and make sure they were on the same page for that particular play. It was a HUGE play in the game where I don't think he was trying to be cute and clever with the timeout. As others have mentioned, if he really wanted to try and get the ball back he would have called it way earlier than the 4 seconds left on the play clock. The Raiders would have run it on third down regardless of whether there was a TO or not, the onus is on the Chargers D for not making a stop when it mattered. It was weird that Michaels and Collinsworth were scratching their heads as they did.

That being said, what an unbelievable last 5 minutes/overtime. Just absolutely insane and entertaining football all the way around.