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    11/28 - Titans at Patriots: Oh the Humanity!

    Sounds like he took Belichicks advice and ate all of the potatoes. As well as all the Mac and cheese that Judon refused.
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    Best Patriots Regular Season Win under BB

    Not the prettiest game, and it doesn't really crack the top 20 or so already listed, but the only Patriots game I've been to live was the 2011 game against the R-words. Did feature some great highlights (Gronk scoring two TDs, including setting the record for TDs by a TE, as well as one of the...
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    The Game Ball Thread: Wk. 10 vs Browns

    Not sure if these stories melded over time, but that reminds me of a story I learned going to college in Pittsburgh about Andrew Carnegie. A reporter was questioning him about how unfair it was for him to have so much more money than anyone else. Carnegie took out a dime from his pocket and...
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    To kick or not to kick, that is the question

    Not sure if this was brought up in the game thread...but why not line up and try to draw them offsides, and call a timeout if they don't budge? If you're kicking, and given the time left, the timeout doesn't really matter. I guess the downsides are that maybe someone on the OL jumps even when...
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    10/5 - Introducing … THE WILD CARD GAME

    It was Nunez, but your overall point remains.
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    Worst In Game Pitching Decision In Red Sox History

    I think you’re confusing it a little by an inning. He only had to get the bullpen through 6 more outs in 2003 with Pedro making it through 7 (5 outs if you count the first out of the 8th that Pedro did get). Yes, Williamson had a rough go of it in g5 of the alds, but had been nails mostly...
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    Bruins Offseason Thread

    Depending on where you cut it, it works if he does something good or bad
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    Your top "forgot he was a Red Sox"

    I thought that was at Fenway (game 4). I thought game 1 was in the 10th knoblauch dropping the throw at 2nd but still getting the out (ump ruled in the transfer, but even McCarver was like “that’s a terrible call”.) Then the next batter hit into a dp to end the inning, and then Bernie walked it off.
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    Your top "forgot he was a Red Sox"

    Didn't realize this either. I remembered Whitt for hitting a grand slam off Lee Smith in 1989 to put the Blue Jays up 11-10 over the Red Sox in that awful game where the Red Sox led 10-0 midway through the game.
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    Your top "forgot he was a Red Sox"

    Dante Bichette, Carlos Baerga, Mark Kotsay, Steve Ontiveros. And Bernard Gilkey was one of my fav non Red Sox players because of winning me a roto baseball league in 1996, and I really completely forgot about his stint in 2000 until mentioned upthread.
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    Celebrating what is

    That game also signalled the end of the Lee Johnson era and the start of the Ken Walter one, thanks to that awful fumble that the Chargers scored a TD on.
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    Vrabel and Julio Down by the Schoolyard: Titans Get Jones

    If you're going to send Chris Canty along with Harry, I think you should have to include Dominique Easley and Andy Katzenmoyer to get all the Patriots best first round busts from the last 25 years together.
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    Adam Vinatieri Announces Retirement

    I looked it up to see if the video was available: View: The play right before the miss was a pretty nice back shoulder catch by Jefferson on the sidelines on a 27 yard heave by Bledsoe (off his back foot), with no Timeouts left for the Patriots. As...
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    The Best Rest for 17 Games?

    Yeah, I was thinking something like this (as it would also somewhat keep stats/records in line with the past so many years that have used the 16 games schedule). But as has been mentioned, especially around QBs, it also wouldn't help the fan experience if you bought a ticket for the one game...
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    NFL Draft Rd.4-7: Everything Goes Gamethread

    Can only hope he has a big game against the Falcons and then gets the nickname Cump.