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Dec 1, 2000
Brutal for Leeds' chances of remaining in the EPL.

But at least McKennie can go back to where he's not wanted.
If Leeds to get sent down, this injury might hamper Adams’ chances of moving on…if he wants to and/or unless he has a relegation release clause. In any case, a major assessment of his level will come from the clubs circling Adams for a transfer this summer.


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Sep 27, 2016
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yeah agreed, Adams has proven enough in the EPL already this season that when he's healthy he'll have several choices there to pick from. Assuming he has a relegation release clause, as you note. Other than taking an 87' red card at Spurs back in November, he has been consistently above average, in 28 matches and ~2200' for Leeds. They have all the data on him that they need.

Jed Zeppelin

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Aug 23, 2008
As long as it's nothing lingering, an injury to Tyler is actually one of the more palatable in terms of the USMNT. For me, his quality and expected performance are pretty baked in at this point and we mostly know what we can expect out of him and out of a midfield that is starting him. There is more to be learned from getting more time to see the other midfield options.