Last Day of May -- Reds


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Jul 22, 2005
"Great pitch, I just think he threw it a little bit too high" - The wit and wisdom of Tim Wakefield.


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Mar 16, 2005
The gran facenda
I should clarify. When I say "some balls," I am not talking about the same balls. That would be stupid. Most baseballs only get hit once in MLB. But even if you have balls that are hit more than once, it would be pretty rare that one would be hit in one park and then in another park. Really unusual. So, I'm not saying that if you had a ball, and that ball was hit for a home run in Fenway, that same ball would be not a home run in Petco. Because that ball wouldn't get to Petco.

Though, actually, I guess you could say that everything in the world is not a home run in Petco (except for home runs in Petco). Like, for example, my cat is not a home run in Petco. So I guess in that sense you could say that the same ball that is a home run in Fenway is also not a home run in Petco. Probably. It would be unlikely.

Can we just leave it that? I'm exhausted.

Also, Kutter is a stupid fucking name.
Schrodingers ball?
It would be a better name for a basketball player or a butcher. But I guess some could argue that he is a butcher on the mound.


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Jul 16, 2005
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Between the Panthers scoring on 82% of their chances, the Heat shooting 82% from behind the arc and the likes of Cincinnati plating every Walk, Error or HBP, I think I’m rapidly approaching a sports sabbatical.


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Jun 26, 2010
Feels like ages since Raffy's taken a walk (and on cue the NESN info shows it's been 15 games)